Ewan Mochrie is one of the UK’s best NLP Master Trainers, a fantastic speaker, author and Coach. He has dedicated many years of his career to helping people discover their true purpose, and has achieved great success through his training events and 1-1 Coaching sessions.

Ewan is a fascinating character, who makes an impact on all those he meets. Through his recently released book It’s Time he aims to challenge people’s thinking, which ultimately leads to positive change in their lives and the world..


Changing your life with one to one coaching. Fundamentally Coaching is about taking somebody from where they are to where they want to go….


Learn NLP the easy way.  For Personal Development, to train as a Coach or Therapist or to enhance your impact in business.  Our courses will change your thinking….


Coaching Principles

There are many guidelines and models about how coaching should be undertaken. And any form of coaching should be conducted within a set of beliefs, and should utilise a range of skills. However, there are only two fundamental principles that a coach needs to adhere...

Anomaly Research Department (ARD)

Welcome to the Anomaly Research Department (ARD). The ARD has been working for hundreds, some would say thousands, of years to understand why our simple mechanistic reality is not what it actually seems to be. The purpose of the ARD is to more thoroughly understand...

Coaching Beliefs

Beliefs are things which we consider to be true about ourselves and, or about the world. They can empower of disempower us, depending upon what they are. Your beliefs tend to determine your outcomes. This then has the effect of reinforcing a belief, be that an...